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is a small genus of widely distributed seagrasses,
commonly called marine eelgrass

Vetro Alga
translates from the Italian as “Seaweed Glass,” with the pieces alluding to the uniqueness of Venice being a city built on water.





Photos by Brian W. Ferry, Matthew Gordon

Dana Arbib has been exploring global crafting techniques for over 10 years; her principal medium at the moment is handblown Muranese glass. Arbib launched her first collection “Vetro Alga” in May 2022 with Tiwa Select at Galerie Michael Bargo

Specifically, Arbib collaborates with artisans around the world to celebrate slow production that is passed down through familial generations.

She thrives off of studying and refining these skills and techniques, placing them within historical contexts, and utilizing them to fabricate her work. Her sculptural and intentional glass pieces are rooted in her cultural makeup, personality, and unique perspective on enduring materials and practices.